Stephen J Williams, Prairie Fire
Stephen Williams

for U. S. Senate
Independence Party 

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Steve's Voter Guide Responses in 2012

League of Women Voters


Why are you seeking this office?   Our nation is currently being governed by an oligarchy of industries and interests that control both of our ruling parties. In his farewell address to the nation President Eisenhower warned that we needed to be vigilant against just such an occurrence.  We have failed to heed his warning.  Because of our failure, we have squandered our economic, natural, and human resources putting both our nation and our democracy at risk.

What should the federal government do, if anything, to help younger Americans achieve greater financial security?   With the current national debt nearing 16 trillion dollars and unfunded liabilities of 200 trillion dollars, younger Americans are being saddled with debts that will be impossible to pay.  The current debt crisis in Europe is having the greatest negative effect on that region’s youth.  This is just a preview of what we face in this country if we do not address our massive budgetary problems.   Therefore, we must end the buy now pay later policies of both our ruling parties.   Additionally, we must encourage job creation in this country by abolishing payroll taxes and providing Medicare for all Americans.

How should the US meet its energy needs?   Since the first energy crisis in 1973, our nation has been bouncing from one energy crisis to the next,  with each new energy crisis threatening to destroy our economy.  With newly discovered energy resources coming online in North America there will be a great temptation to kick the can down the road one more time.  This we must not do!  Instead we must use this opportunity to increase our energy conservation efforts, and promote research to discover energy supplies that are both economically viable and truly renewable.

Describe what actions you would take in Washington to strengthen the economy.   A nation’s real wealth is created by the productive labor of its workers, and not in the Ponzi scheme casino of the financial industry.  To promote job creation and strengthen our economy we must remove all of the costs we impose on the American worker.  The cost of Medicare, Social Security, and health insurance all put the American worker at a great disadvantage both domestically and globally.  If we pay for these costs instead with a national sales tax, we will make the American worker much more competitive and strengthen our economy.

How would you work to balance the costs of our domestic challenges and military engagements around the world?   How do you balance the loss of over 4000 American lives and over 100,000 Iraqi lives with anything? First of all we must take a hard look at ourselves and ask if the wars we have engaged in are just, and how can we claim a war is just if we are not even willing to raise taxes  pay the economic costs. 

The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead

  1. Why are you seeking this office?  We need to return to an honest economy and acknowledge that a nation’s wealth is created by productive labor and not in the ponzi game casino of the financial industry. Therefore, we must use our economic resources to support job creation on Main Street instead of bailing out Wall Street.
  2. What qualities or experience do you have that make you the best candidate?  I am both a revolutionary and a fiscal conservative who believes that we need a radical departure from the failed policies of both of our ruling parties. As the owner of a small business I am aware of all of the governmental obstacles that block the creation of jobs.
  3. What issue would be your first priority in the U.S. Senate and what specific action would you propose to address it? To create jobs by eliminating the insane burdens we place on the American worker. Specifically we must abolish payroll taxes and provide Medicare for all Americans. We must then pay for these social costs with national consumption tax instead of payroll taxes. The benefit to our economy would be huge.
  4. What actions will you personally take to encourage compromise and end the partisan deadlock that’s stalled productivity in Congress?  I am not running for the Senate to compromise with those who have been working so hard over the last decades to destroy our nation. I am running in an attempt to lead our nation in a second revolution that we might reclaim the ideals of our first revolution.
  5. In order to reduce federal spending, what are three specific government programs or operations you would trim, and where/how would you make those cuts?  I would index social security payments to annual income to reduce the overall cost. Replace Medicare Part D with a program where the government negotiates directly with drug companies to obtain the lowest cost. Eliminate military expenditures that are politically popular but do not enhance our security.