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Stephen Williams

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Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

To create jobs, we must allow employers and workers to be as competitive as possible in the global marketplace.  To do this we must first recognize that workers ultimately pay for any costs we impose on employers. This fact bears repeating: workers ultimately pay for any costs we impose on employers.  Some of the major costs afflicting the American worker are:

The cost of collecting taxes for the government 
The cost of Medicare
The cost of unemployment insurance
The cost of Social Security
The cost of health insurance

Currently, an employer is able to avoid these high costs by moving jobs out of our country. Likewise, the American consumer is able to avoid these costs by purchasing products which are not made in the U.S.  Unfortunately for the American worker, moving out of the country is not an option.  Placing these costs onto the back of the American worker represents a great injustice which is steadily destroying jobs in this country.

We can remove all of these costs from the shoulders of the American worker, correct this injustice, and create jobs; but only if we the people are willing to vote for real change.  We must be willing to vote to abolish payroll taxes and to provide Medicare for all Americans.  We must be willing to vote for major tax reform to simplify the tax code and eliminate regressive tax breaks.  If you are willing to vote for these real changes, I ask that you vote for me, Stephen Williams, on November 6th.

Stephen Williams