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Create Real Jobs and Increase Wages—Abolish Payroll Taxes 

Here are a few facts about payroll taxes.

  1. Payroll taxes are a special tax on labor paid only by workers and their employers.
  2. Payroll taxes are paid on the first dollar of wages earned.
  3. There are no deductions that will eliminate your payroll taxes.
  4. There are no payroll taxes paid on capital gains, dividends, or interest income.
  5. In other countries such as China, there are no payroll taxes.
  6. Employers avoid payroll taxes by hiring workers from these other countries.
  7. Payroll taxes are regressive, unfair and above all they destroy jobs and lower wages!

To be honest only items one through six are facts, while item number seven is my strong conviction.  Payroll taxes need to be abolished: by doing so we can increase both employment and wages in this country.

-Stephen Williams